AWS Machine Learning Use Case using Serverless…

So now as you are familiar with the services let's start our project implementation for a better understanding of these services…

service: cat-rekognationframeworkVersion: '3'provider:
name: aws
runtime: nodejs14.x
- Effect: Allow
- s3:ListBucket
- s3:GetObject
- s3:DeleteObject
Resource: arn:aws:s3:::cat-rekognation/*
- Effect: Allow
- rekognition:DetectLabels
Resource: "*"
handler: handler.validateImage
- s3:
bucket: cat-rekognation
event: s3:ObjectCreated:*
onSuccess: arn:aws:sns:us-east-1:247513377090:success
'use strict';const AWS = require('aws-sdk');
const rekognition = new AWS.Rekognition();
const s3 = new AWS.S3();
module.exports.validateImage = async (event) => {

const s3Record = event.Records[0].s3;
const bucket =;
const key = s3Record.object.key;
console.log(`A file named ${key} was put in a bucket ${bucket}`);// Detect the labels
return detectLabels(bucket, key).then(labels => {
const isACat = checkIsACat(labels);
if (!isACat) {
return removeImage(bucket, key).then(() => {
console.log('The image was not a cat and was removed');
}).catch(error => {
return error;
};function detectLabels(bucket, key) {
const params = {
Image: {
S3Object: {
Bucket: bucket,
Name: key
MaxLabels: 5,
MinConfidence: 85
return rekognition.detectLabels(params).promise().then(data => {
return data.Labels;
}).catch(error => {
return error;
function checkIsACat(labels) {
return labels
.map(label => {
return label.Name === 'Cat' ? true : false
}).some( val => {
return val === true;
function removeImage(bucket, key) {
const params = {
Bucket: bucket,
Key: key
return s3.deleteObject(params).promise(); }

It's time to upload the image in S3……




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Parinati Rajput

Parinati Rajput

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